ACE Board Chair, Keith Powell and Founder Alvin Attles, III toured several Oakland Parks and Recs facility to assess the programming needs. After meeting the site directors, ACE is currently working towards program fundraising and implementation.

During the holidays, Attles, III decided to complete several projects to begin MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

  • ALLENDALE – ACE painted the computer lab (Contractor Mark Hutchinson – ACE Restoration).
  • Warriors will donate swag to decorate.
  • Contacted IKEA for furniture donations.
  • ARROYO – Pledged to donate a Washer/Dryer (deliver in January)
  • MOOSWOOD – Pledged to build the literacy program.

Thanks Nicholas Williams and Site Directors Mykah Hammock, Maribel Lopez, Cynthia Armstrong, Elana Bermeo, and Margarita Rodriquez.

Special Thanks to Armond Gray.

Special Thanks to Evan Schwartz – Warriors Foundation


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