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Town Academy


Through our innovative programs and strategic partnerships, participating middle and high school students will learn valuable college preparatory and life skills to succeed in today’s world. Through a mentoring, social emotional curriculum and extra-curricular programming, ACE will provide experiential learning in STEAM and adjacent disciplines that will inspire participants for higher learning and entrepreneurial ventures. Students will also be eligible for financial support during college via the Attles Scholars Scholarship Fund.


Just Show Up


ACE will provide direct & indirect employment, business development and community service opportunities for youth resulting from skills learned through our Just Show Up programming, fitness & nutrition initiatives, and partnerships with corporate, non-profit and governmental partners.

ACE will offer comprehensive programs to help youth become “well-rounded” and thriving individuals. Athletic opportunities and Summer experiences such as The Al Attles Basketball Camps, to various physical fitness classes, to healthy eating and nutritional information sessions will lead to healthier outcomes for participants.


Squad 16

HOLISTIC HEALTH Body, Mind & Life Skills

We recognize the need for Financial Literacy and will partner with organizations to bring programs to ACE to promote healthy financial habits and the importance of savings and sound money management.

Conflict Resolution, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Artistic Endeavors and positive activities which promote Mental Health, social emotional skills  and getting involved in the Community will help youth become more self aware of how their actions impact others.


Early Intervention
(By Grade 5)

Long-Term Engagement
(Grade 5-12)

Higher Education

Business Incubation

Career Start

Programming objectives

Partner with Non-profit organizations, Governmental agencies, Corporations, and Community Leaders for needs assessment, capacity building and service delivery. Primary Focus Areas: 

  • Technology – Coding, Audio/Visual 
  • Math and Financial Literacy 
  • The Business and Science behind Sports 
  • Literacy and Creative Writing 
  • Physical Fitness and Nutrition

Heavy emphasis on unlocking individual creativity and entrepreneurial spirit while promoting teamwork, critical thinking, and passion for “paying it forward” through community service opportunities.

Programs that incorporate multiple elements of the primary focus areas and achieve long-term sustainable impact vs. one-off engagements 

ATTLES Scholars

ACE will establish a Scholarship Fund to assist disadvantaged Bay Area youth of color support for college tuition, room & board, books and fees 

ACE will partner with Attles’ alma mater, NC A&T University and other HBCU’s 

Scholarship Fund will be financed through donations and annual allocation of ACE operating funds 

Attles Scholars and support levels determined by Selection Committee appointed by ACE Board of Directors 


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